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Project Description

A basic prerequisite for ensuring the protection of human life, as well as the protection of your property, is prevention. For this reason, SSI Security Solutions Institute recommends the installation of a certified alarm system

SSI Security Solutions Institute’s alarm systems

At SSI Security Solutions Institute, we provide you with expert advice on which certified alarm systems best meets your needs, choosing among those offered by the most well-known manufacturers in the world such as Paradox, DSC, Siemens, and others.

After surveying your area, we at SSI propose integrated, tailor-made solutions. Our systems are certified according to the highest quality management standards, ISO 9001.

We swiftly meet your needs by recommending reliable and innovative solutions.

Prior to proceeding with the supply and installation of an integrated alarm system, request the experts’ opinion.

Together, we will determine the critical and susceptible areas of your site, as well as the level of protection that must be applied.

SSI Security Solutions Institute recommends the connection of your alarm system to a Signal Receiving Center, so the police can be notified at the right time.

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