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Project Description

The built-in MODEM which the Central Unit is equipped with, in combination with the system’s connection to our Company’s Signal Receiving Center, allows all of your system’s operations to be controlled and recorded on a 24-hour basis.

Through the Central Station, our Company can offer around-the-clock valuable and essential services of primary and secondary importance.

Receiving the alarm signal, notifying the authorized representatives, as well as notifying the police force are a station’s primary concern, in order to provide for the security systems that are connected. Any attempt to violate the siren/detectors and any sabotage on the system’s wiring, are regarded as indications of an actual alarm and as primary signals.

Secondary signals, such as a power cut, the battery running low, the 24-hour test of proper functioning, etc., may be regarded as signals of secondary importance, however, they contribute to the system’s operational readiness and are communicated (following an agreement) to the Client at the moment of reception or on the following morning.

A variety of other ancillary signals, such as system arming/disarming, user identification, etc. can be compiled in a list and sent to you by e-mail on a monthly basis FREE OF CHARGE.

Image Transferring Service

The area surveillance service is provided to our Clients by our Company’s Center of Operations on a 24-hour basis, only if the alarm system has been activated.

In this way, the operator of the Signal Receiving Center is able to also receive an image from the site where the burglary has taken place, and therefore knows if the incident is real.

If the operator ascertains that there is a burglar inside the protected area, then he will pass on the relevant information to the competent government services, as well as to those in charge of the area.

Emergency Services

Our Company offers its Clients the potential of utilizing the Emergency Service and thus “place” the alarm problem on its patrol vehicles and crew.

This service is provided all year round, between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 06:00 a.m., and concerns every alarm signal that will be recorded in the Signal Receiving Center.

Our patrol vehicles will arrive at the scene within a reasonable time frame following the signal reception and will further address the matter. They will meticulously inspect the site, they will determine the reasons behind the alarm signal and, if needed, they will remain on site until its holders take over, preventing potential secondary damages in cases of an intrusion.


1) It is aimed at elderly people, people with impaired mobility and people suffering from chronic diseases.

2) During difficult times, the only need people have is around-the-clock direct communication with a relative, their physician or a person who will inspire confidence and safety.

3) Implementation of the above:

  1.  Installation of a Wireless or Wired device in the Client’s home, which will be equipped with an Emergency Button with a speaker. The push of the button activates the phone number of the helpline, which is registered in the memory of the device. The Helpline is connected to SSI SECURITY SOLUTIONS’ Center of Operations, which operates 24/7, 365 days a year.
  2. When the incoming call reaches the Center and, more specifically, upon the second ring, our PC monitor displays the Client’s file, containing all their necessary information (full name, home address, disease or condition, attending physician’s information, list of relatives in priority order, etc.) and, at the same time, the Client talks to the operator of the Center of Operations on an open line, who carries out everything the Company and the Client have agreed on (finding a physician, sending an ambulance, informing relatives), as well as a series of other actions.