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Project Description

Κλειστά κυκλώματα τηλεόρασηςSSI strongly commits to providing reliable and integrated solutions in the field of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), capable of covering any type of need. Through our modern digital systems, you can inform yourself on any movement happening in the surroundings of your property (e.g., residential; commercial; etc.), even from a remote location.
The image of the protected site appears, at any time, on your computer or mobile phone, at any place or area of your choosing.
CCTV is an ideal solution for:

  • Stores and business premises/li>
  • Large-sized buildings, which are difficult to physically protect
  • Warehouses – various facilities
  • Photo-voltaic stations
  • Detached houses or holiday homes, where acts of sabotage have been observed.

At SSI Security Solutions Institute, we provide you with expert advice on which certified products for the composition of CCTV best meets your needs, choosing among those offered by the most well-known manufacturers in the world such as Dahua, Hikvision, TVT, and others.

Prior to proceeding with the supply and installation of an integrated Closed Circuit Television, request the experts’ opinion.

Together, we will determine the critical and susceptible areas of your site, as well as the level of protection that must be applied.

SSI Security Solutions Institute recommends the connection of your site’s Closed Circuit Television to our Company’s Signal Receiving Center, so that we can confirm and verify the alarm signal, and determine whether the incident is real or not.

For more information and a FREE site survey, contact us by filling in this  contact form or call  us at  our company phones, found on our contact page.

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