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Project Description

Fire detection systems timely detect fire and smoke in a building, be it a house, business premises, a parking area, etc. It is a particularly important factor for the protection of a site, especially in areas that are isolated or lack constant human presence.

The installation of a fire detection system plays an important part in this. Its operation ensures constant supervision of a building facility with a high degree of reliability.

By timely detecting smoke or a fire that has just broken out, we have more time to take the necessary actions. It has been proven that fire detection systems significantly decrease both, the potential of damage to building facilities and the loss of human lives.

At SSI Security Solutions Institute, we provide you with expert advice on which certified fire detection systems best meets your needs, choosing among those offered by the most well-know manufacturers in the world such as Paradox, Olympia Electronics, and others.

Prior to proceeding with the supply and installation of an integrated fire detection system, request the experts’ opinion.

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