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Project Description


GPS TRACKING is the satellite monitoring and surveillance of the movements of vehicles, people or animals, which is achieved through special devices and special mapping software.

It is the ideal solution for companies that want to effectively manage their vehicle fleet, as well as for private individuals who want to protect their property and the vulnerable persons in their family.

The technology used is groundbreaking, it has mostly been developed during recent years and it constitutes one of the bases for future developments in the wider security sector.

  • It automatically notifies you if your vehicle has been moved.
  • It notifies you if it has been moved when it shouldn’t have, while it also informs you on its whereabouts.
  • It notifies you if it moves outside the specific area you have determined.
  • It notifies you if it exceeds the specific speed limit you have appointed.
  • It notifies you if the battery is running low.
  • It stores in memory the last geographic point, in case of loss of signal.
  • It allows you to listen to what is happening at the installation location in real time (it has a built-in microphone!)
  • It is equipped with an SOS button, so that, with the push of a button, the person appointed by you can notify you about any emergencies and send a signal with their geographical locations to up to 5 authorized numbers.
  • GPS tracking of our beloved people or animals.

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