Physical Security


It is your right to protect your property, business, home and heritage. Especially when there are so many dangers lurking. We can help you protect what is yours and provide for the safety of your staff, family and property. This is achieved by combining experienced and highly trained staff with technology, and by implementing [...]

Close protection


The skills and the knowledge Close Protection Officers must have, the means at their disposal and the way with which they must approach a situation and provide solutions during emergencies have all changed. It is no longer enough to be in good physical condition, to know how to use a firearm and to be [...]

Event security


Planning and managing security for events, exhibitions, conferences is also provided by our staff. The Security Plan and its implementation will cover all phases of the event; before, during and after the event to ensure protection of organizers and their assets, participants and their belongings. We provide security in and around the area of [...]