Central Station Services


The built-in MODEM which the Central Unit is equipped with, in combination with the system's connection to our Company's Signal Receiving Center, allows all of your system's operations to be controlled and recorded on a 24-hour basis.Through the Central Station, our Company can offer around-the-clock valuable and essential services of primary and secondary importance.Receiving the [...]



GPS TRACKING is the satellite monitoring and surveillance of the movements of vehicles, people or animals, which is achieved through special devices and special mapping software. It is the ideal solution for companies that want to effectively manage their vehicle fleet, as well as for private individuals who want to protect their property and [...]

Fire Detection Systems


Fire detection systems timely detect fire and smoke in a building, be it a house, business premises, a parking area, etc. It is a particularly important factor for the protection of a site, especially in areas that are isolated or lack constant human presence. The installation of a fire detection system plays an important part [...]

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)


SSI strongly commits to providing reliable and integrated solutions in the field of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), capable of covering any type of need. Through our modern digital systems, you can inform yourself on any movement happening in the surroundings of your property (e.g., residential; commercial; etc.), even from a remote location. The image of [...]

Anti-theft systems for merchandise


Our Company offers Electronic Article Surveillance systems and apparatus of all the well-known technologies (AM – EM – RF). Armed with technical expertise and E.A.S. apparatus, we are flexible in offering and implementing effective solutions for the protection of exposed merchandise, with the potential to cover any type of commercial stores (clothes stores, accessories stores, [...]

Αlarm systems


A basic prerequisite for ensuring the protection of human life, as well as the protection of your property, is prevention. For this reason, SSI Security Solutions Institute recommends the installation of a certified alarm system SSI Security Solutions Institute’s alarm systems At SSI Security Solutions Institute, we provide you with expert advice on which [...]

Access control systems


Access control systems are the most widespread and effective security systems - they control the access of people and vehicles into controlled or classified sites. For this reason, the technology around access control systems is developing at an extremely rapid pace.At SSI Security Solutions Institute, we recommend certified access control and Time & Attendance systems.After [...]