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The Company’s mission is to provide high-level services on clients’ needs, as well as the full utilization of its human, information and other resources.

Within the framework of the above, the Company commits to:

  1. Continually satisfy the clients’ needs and expectations, resolve any problems that may arise and provide high-quality services for the benefit of the Company and its clients, keeping costs at competitive levels and taking under consideration the commitments arising from the contracts, and the legislative and regulatory requirements.
  2. Preserve and protect the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of information (both on its own and on its clients’ behalf).
  3. Employ staff who are selected based on their experience, expertise, training and will to support the Company’s vision.
  4. Implement a continuous training program on the staff, carried out by experienced and specialized trainers.
  5. Fully comply with Legal and Regulatory Requirements.
  6. Monitor the security industry on a national and international level, incorporate any positive developments and modern technology into its practice, and continuously modernize and update the existing equipment.

In order to achieve the above, the Company has documented and implemented an Integrated Quality Management & Information Security System according to the international standards:

Certification Number 16590 ISO 9001:2015
ISO 27001:2013

This system includes all the activities that affect the quality of the services offered by the Company, as well as its relationship with its clients, and is a tool for the Company’s growth and further establishment in the industry in which it operates, both on a national and international level.

The management sees to the provision of the appropriate and sufficient information and other resources in order to ensure the continuous and effective management of the Integrated Quality Management & Information Security System.

At the same time, the Company’s staff and partners see to the implementation of the quality and information security policy in all the stages of the services provided and their general activity, and demonstrate the required sensitivity towards matters of quality and information security.



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